NEW NORMAL started as an open call to absolutely anyone who wanted to submit some work to the theme of 'work in response to 2020'. This could be in any format, painting, photography, poetry etc. 

We wanted to create a project that people could work on for a number of reasons:

- To use creativity as a form of therapy and have a theme as a starting point.

- To work on something as a group even when we had to physically be kept apart.

- To make something beautiful to take away from a very hard year. 

- Maybe most importantly, to donate money to a charity that could wider help those struggling with their mental health. 

We feel like we have come an awfully long way since we started this project just 3 short months ago and most of the objectives above have hopefully been met. All we need to do now, is sell out our limited edition and very special magazine, NEW NORMAL, so that we can also make our donation to charity.

Keep your copy of NEW NORMAL to show the future generation, to remind yourself of how our lives changed for a while and most of all, of what we are all capable of in the face of hardships. 

We have chosen to print NEW NORMAL at an independent printers to the highest standards so that you can treasure your copy forever. 

We hope that you will enjoy looking through it as much as we have enjoyed making it. It has been an absolute labour of love and something that we are immensely proud of. 

Please post photos of our magazine to Instagram and tag us @newnormalzine so we can see how far it travels.

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